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About Stephanie Ho


Born in Hong Kong in 1979, Stephanie began her training in oil paintings at the early age of 11. After graduating from the London School of Economics in 2001, Stephanie continued to explore her potential in fine art, completing two postgraduate diploma courses at City and Guilds of London Art School and the prestigious Christies Education, as well as a Masters degree in Museum and Gallery Management at the London City University.


Elaborately orchestrated ensembles are found in Stephanie Ho’s compositions. With a masterly eye for the total concept, the painter finely arranges individual elements, like figures gathered in small groups, and within their totality an outstanding harmony is built. The artist likens her work to music, an art form that takes the pleasant interplay of various singular components to find a blissful tone. Like notes on sheet music, Stephanie Ho’s figures are melodically arranged in her paintings. While at first glance the surface is seen like an array of widely scattered figures, upon inspection a meticulously orchestrated symphony is revealed.


Ho is a master of silhouettes and movements. By uniquely blending a myriad of figures she stimulates the viewers imagination. In her Frozen Planet series, the fine paintings depict seemingly weightless skiers and wanderers with umbrellas. The brilliantly white surfaces are poised to be filled with marvelous memories of unforgettable ski trips and rainy day strolls, an artistic invitation to remembrance and reverie.


Several cultural influences and traditions are manifested and combined within Stephanie Ho’s body of work. Like the fine strokes of ink painting, an unmistakable feature of hers and a tradition rooted in Japanese and Chinese culture. Her paintings are also reminiscent of the works from English painter L.S. Lowry, who gained recognition in the mid 20th century for his figures before white streets and white skies. Along the lines of “less is more,” Stephanie Ho has taken on Lowry’s concept and continued the tradition of painting groups of people against a white background. 

Past Exhibitions


Solo Show


2012               Still Frames Continues, Fazenda UK, London

2012               Here For You, Art Beatus, Hong Kong

2011               The United Laughing Buddhas, No. 10 Restaurant, London, UK

2009               Still Frames, Art Beatus, Hong Kong


Selected Group Shows 2015 - Present

2023              Trunk Show, Stephanie Breitbard Fine Art

2023.             Walk A Mile, Blue Print Gallery, Dallas, USA

2023.             Anonymous heArt Project, Heart Research, UK

2023.             Stuttgart Retail Store, Singulart

2020              Hot Off the Wall, Dixon Gallery and Gardens, Memphis, USA

2020              Anonymous heART Project, Heart Research UK

2019              November Art Show, Blue Print Gallery, Dallas, USA

2019              Ashburn Gallery, Devon, UK

2019              Anonymous heART Project, Heart Research UK

2019              Pattern Play! Anne Irwin Fine Art, Atlanta, USA

2018              Christmas Cracker, Byard Gallery, Cambridge, UK

2018              May Art Show, Blue Print Gallery, Dallas, USA

2018              The London Affordable Art Fair, Byard Gallery, Battersea, London

2018              Women and Art Show, Anne Irwin Fine Art, Atlanta, USA

2017              Christmas Cracker, Byard Gallery, Cambridge

2017              Small Works Show, Anne Irwin Fine Art, Atlanta, USA

2017              Shadows and Light, Byard Gallery, Cambridge

2017              Along Your Street, Byard Gallery, Cambridge

2017              The London Affordable Art Fair, Byard Gallery, Battersea, London

2016              Feature Exhibition, Byard Gallery, Cambridge

2016              Stockholm Affordable Art Fair, Byard Gallery

2016              Kaleidoscope, Art Beatus, Hong Kong

2016              Breath of Fresh Air, Byard Gallery, Cambridge, UK

2016              The London Affordable Art Fair, Byard Gallery, Battersea, London

2016              Berge von Kunst, Art 333, Switzerland

2015              Smart Exhibition, Habitare, Tradate, Italy

2015              A Space for Art, The Narrow Restaurant, Limehouse, London

2015              The London Affordable Art Fair, The Gallery Notting Hill

2015              Hotel Art Fair, Art Beatus, Marco Polo Hotel, Hong Kong

2015              New Wave: the road of memories, N Gallery, Seoul, Koreae

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